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In Response: Local liquor retailers provide choice, value on Sundays, Opinion Piece by Tony Chesak, executive director, Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association. Duluth News Tribune, March 13, 2019

  • “Minnesota's smart and balanced alcohol regulations are working — and are pro-consumer. Prices in Minnesota are lower than the national average, and we have unprecedented choices and selection. Our craft beer, wine, and spirits scenes are booming. Consumers have access to alcohol, and choices, seven days a week. Importantly, compared to other states, we enjoy significantly lower-than-average rates of alcohol-related abuse and accidents. Our system of alcohol regulations in Minnesota is working for all. Let's keep it that way.”

Colorado Retailers Face New Competition From Supermarkets After Change In State Law, Shaken News Daily, February 22, 2019

  • “Package store closures are a certainty, they predict. ‘We’ll see 100-200 small liquor stores go out of business within the next two years,” says Backman. And Dierking adds, “When you double the number of outlets in the state that can sell beer, they won’t all survive. People aren’t going to drink more.’”

Brewers are ready for the low-ABV revolution. But are beer drinkers?, City Pages, February 6, 2019

  • More evidence ABVs are trending down: From City Pages Minneapolis: "As far as the greater industry, I think there is gonna be a natural trend towards lower-ABV options," said says Matt Schwandt, Bauhaus COO and head brewer.

Bar owners ‘will have to boost low ABV options’ to attract Generation Z, The Drinks Business, February 4, 2019

  • “This reasoning goes a long way to explaining the success of drinks companies such as Seedlip, which produce non-alcoholic spirits that can be used as a substitute for vodka or gin. “They don’t want to be infantilised,” McConnell said. “They want to feel like they’re part of the same night out, just without the alcohol content.”

  • “If bars want to keep that clientele they’ll have to boost those (low ABV) options,” Johanna Gerhold, Google’s industry head, said.

Letter to the Editor: Changes to 3.2 beer laws will hurt consumers: Mankato Free Press, January 29, 2019

  • “The recent editorial by The Free Press, “3.2 beer: A Minnesota staple fades away,” repeats several myths regarding supermarkets and convenience stores that “have long been limited to 3.2 beer.”

  • Grocery and convenience stores can already sell beer, wine and liquor (in separate stores on location). As long as they follow the existing smart and balanced liquor store laws, there is no legal impediment. In fact, over 161 stores in Minnesota already do, including Cub Foods in Mankato, Hy-Vee in Mankato and Sam’s Club in Mankato.These stores — in every corner of the state, urban and rural — abide by current regulations to avoid minor access and provide consumer convenience.

  • Easier access to alcohol, a controlled substance, shouldn’t available to those under 21. Liquor stores typically prohibit anyone under 21 from entering the store and employ people over age 21.

  • Consumers currently have unprecedented product availability and choice, from 3.2 beer to craft brews, wine, and liquor. Changes in our proven system could have serious repercussions for consumers.”

Liquor stores closing due to Oklahoma's new alcohol law, KOKO5 News, January 2, 2019

  • "Those jobs and those businesses are not going to be replaced," said Bryan Keer, with the Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma.

  • Kerr said State Question 792 is already proving to hurt smaller liquor stores because Oklahomans 21 and older can buy full-strength cold beer and wine at grocery stores and convenience stores.

  • "When you take away half of the wine sales form the mom-and-pop stores and put them into the big-box stores, you're going to lose some stores," Kerr said.

Reality Check: The Data on Sunday Liquor Sales in Minnesota, WCCO TV, December 12, 2018

  • “The Minnesota Department of Revenue says only $7.2 million in tax revenue — about half of the predicted amount – was generated in the first year. But that amount was not even due to Sunday sales. In fact, alcohol tax revenues go up every year, and they haven’t changed much in the last five years. Sunday sales do not appear to have an impact…

  • The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, representing the state’s 900 liquor stores, opposed Sunday sales. They predicted it would spread business over seven days, and not dramatically increase revenues. Based on official numbers so far, that is just what happened.”

How Low-Alcohol Beers Became Brewing's Next Big Thing, Thrillist, November 2, 2018

UT: With 3.2 beer brands likely to disappear, lawmakers may have to act or face a ballot initiative. FOX13, July 31, 2018

  • The headline is deceiving because brands are NOT dropping 3.2 beer – they are just reducing skews.

  • "Given this reality, we are beginning a process to evaluate our 3.2% ABW beer portfolio, including considering package reductions up to 40% of those currently offered to Utah consumers. This would mean a decline from 113 packages to less than 70, and going from a range of 20 brands to 12."

Arkansas Liquor Stores See Sales Fall 5.5 Percent Since Grocery Wine Expansion; Arkansas Business, July 9, 2018

Publix Cuts Craft Space in Half in Tampa Area; Assn Calls Foul ; Tampa Bay Times, June 15, 2018

  • “At least 12 brewers have had merchandise reduced or completely taken off the shelves in some Publix stores across the state,” Times article notes. “They’re blatantly removing Florida craft ones and replacing them with beers purchased by these big guys,”

Session beers, which generally have less alcohol and lighter flavor, are gaining popularity, Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 15, 2018

Texas officials: Delivery apps becoming gateway for underage drinking, My States man, March 30, 2018

  • “Some Texas officials are calling for new legislation or permitting requirements for "digital-based companies" to head off what some view as a burgeoning public safety issue - the delivery of alcohol to underage drinkers.”

Mixed reviews as Minnesota adjusts to Sunday liquor sales/Despite customers' initial excitement, many store owners said Sunday sales have been more of a burden than a boon, Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 21, 2018