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Reality Check: The Data on Sunday Liquor Sales in Minnesota, WCCO TV, December 12, 2018

  • The Minnesota Department of Revenue says only $7.2 million in tax revenue — about half of the predicted amount – was generated in the first year. But that amount was not even due to Sunday sales. In fact, alcohol tax revenues go up every year, and they haven’t changed much in the last five years. Sunday sales do not appear to have an impact…

  • The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, representing the state’s 900 liquor stores, opposed Sunday sales. They predicted it would spread business over seven days, and not dramatically increase revenues. Based on official numbers so far, that is just what happened.

Session beers, which generally have less alcohol and lighter flavor, are gaining popularity, Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 15, 2018

Texas officials: Delivery apps becoming gateway for underage drinking, My States man, March 30, 2018

  • Some Texas officials are calling for new legislation or permitting requirements for "digital-based companies" to head off what some view as a burgeoning public safety issue - the delivery of alcohol to underage drinkers.

Mixed reviews as Minnesota adjusts to Sunday liquor sales/Despite customers' initial excitement, many store owners said Sunday sales have been more of a burden than a boon, Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 21, 2018